Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Artist Party" Reception at Sam's Cafe

The "Artist Party" reception for the 2008 Tiburon Art Festival artist's will be at Sam's Anchor Cafe from 6:00-8:30pm, thursday august 21. Sam's Cafe is at 27 Main Street, downtown Tiburon, right on the water. Wine, beer and hor d'oeuvres will be served.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tiburon Artist Profiles & Images posted

The Tiburon Art Festival Artists Profiles, Images and website links have been posted on the website as a pdf file and a word document. See samples of the amazing artwork that will be at the festival.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Art Festival Social Network

There is a new social network for the Tiburon Art Festival. Festival visitors can join, see groups for the artists, committee, sponsors, volunteers, participating vendors and more. Music clips, video, photos, blog headlines. Great way to invite your friends to the festival. Click on the "members badge" below to check it out or visit:

View my page on Tiburon Art Festival

New Music Player for Art Festival

There is a new music player on the entertainment page of the Tiburon Art Festival website with clips from the participating bands. The player is taken from the new social network website for the festival.

Find more music like this on Tiburon Art Festival

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aug. 1 Deadline for Program Ads & Sponsorship

Friday August 1, 2008 is the deadline for program and sponsor advertising for the 2nd Annual Tiburon Art Festival 2008. Visit for links to advertising and sponsorship rates or click here for advertising rates and sponsorship opportunities.

Magic Show by Leo Luna

Magic Show by Leo Luna
Wonderful family entertainment. A fast paced show filled with audience participation. Live animals and surprise after surprise for children and adults. Come and join Leo as he takes you for a tour of "Magic Land", that place where children and adults can meet on common ground and enjoy a fun time together.
see poster
Magic Show saturday aug 23 5:30-6:30pm, sunday aug 24 4:30-5:30pm
2nd annual Tiburon Art Festival 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Children's Entertainment for the Tiburon Art Festival



11:00am-5:00pm: Face Painting with Buki
5:30pm: Magic Show

1:00pm: Art with Annelies
2:00pm: Parade Line Up
5:00pm: Prize Drawing

SUNDAY AUG 24, 2008

10:00am-4:00pm: Face Painting with Buki
4:30pm: Magic Show

1:00pm: Art with Annelies
2:00pm: Parade Line Up
4:00pm: Prize Drawing

The art project is sponsored by Annelies Atchley of Mar West Studios.
The family entertainment is sponsored by Pilates Studio Tiburon and Citrus.
The prize drawing is provided by Zelinsky Properties.
The volunteers for the family entertainment are from
Reed, Bel Aire and Del Mar Schools.

Friday, July 11, 2008

FAQ: Artist Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pegboard attached to the tent or just leaning?
The Pegboard will be attached to the frame of the tent by the company that brings the tents. It will be attached at 4 corners. It is attached to a tent which is outdoors so it is not completely solid.
How many pegboards do I need?
This depends on how many paintings you want to hang and the size of the paintings. You can fit up to a total of 6 pegboards in a tent. Typically people hang 3 pegboards in a tent. The tent is 8’tall and the pegboard is hung horizontally, 2 ft from the top and 30’from the ground (height of a table) So your art is then eye level. They can hang 2 pegboards side by side, vertically in the tent and they will be top to ground.
How much weight can I hang?
You can hang 50 lbs on a side – for a total of 150 lbs.
Can I get my own pegs at the Hardware store?
Sure but be sure they are the correct size – ¼”. This is bigger than the pegboard commonly found in garages around America!

How tall is the tent?
The tent is 8’ tall
Can I hang items from the frame? Yes you may hang items from the frame but you may not put any holes in the tent or the side panels.

When can I set up?
You can set up on Saturday morning form 7-10am.
How far will I have to move my art?That depends on the booth location. You will be able to unload at either end of Ark Row and in the parking lot which has 4 sets of steps up to Ark Row. We will let you know as it gets closer, where to unload for your booth.

What security are you providing?
We have hired a security company to patrol the street at night. There should be 2 security people on all night. The Tiburon and Belvedere Police will make extra rounds in the area. We will do what we can, but you are still responsible for loss or damage to your art.
Should I leave my art there?
That is up to you. If it is not too difficult to move we would suggest taking it home at night.
Do the front panels help secure /lock the tent?
The front panels are designed to help protect the art from the weather. They would be a deterrent to theft if they are secured. They do not lock.

How does the electricity to the tents work?
We will have 3 large generators for the festival. They will be in the parking lot and the electricity will be bought up to the tents. Each tent that requests electricity will have 1 outlet. You should bring an outlet strip with you if needed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

2008 Photography Artists

The 2008 Photography artists for the Tiburon Art Festival have been selected:

Bob Kreisel - Mill Valley CA -
Deborah Martin - Mill Valley CA -
Don Comfort - Tiburon CA -
Kevin Lozaw - San Anselmo CA -
Lenny Hanson - San Francisco CA -
Ric Miller - Sausalito CA -
Shannon Ledford - Ukiah CA -
Stephen Fridge - San Francisco CA
Suzanne Bean - San Rafael CA -
Tom Benoit - Mill Valley CA

2008 Glass, Woodwork & Scuplture Artists

The 2008 Artist's for the Tiburon Art Festival have been selected:

Jane Mack
Valerie Adams - Santa Rosa CA -

Michael Childs - Sausalito CA -
Thomas Ludlum - Fairfax CA

James Malott - Tiburon CA
Jenni Wasser - Sausalito CA
John Torrey - Forest Knolls CA
Mac Coffey - Tiburon CA -
Rainer Lagemann - Richmond CA -
Sondo Sockolov - San Rafael CA -
Suzanne Riley - Tiburon CA -

2008 Artist's: Painting Category

The 2008 Tiburon Art Festival artist's below:
Anna Efanova - San Francisco CA -
Barbara Aliza - Sonoma CA -
Barbara Lawrence - Woodacre CA -
Cara Brown - Fairfax CA -
Chaen Chan - San Francisco CA
Charmain Guilliani - San Francisco CA
Dan Cooper - Larkspur CA -
Deborah Newman - Henderson NV
Dennis King - San Francisco CA
Dominique Amendola - Santa Rosa CA -
Dorota Nowak - Canyon CA
Emmeline Craig - Bolinas CA -
Florence Eder - Tiburon CA
Gale S. McKee - San Rafael CA
Kathy Johnson - San Anselmo CA
Kazuyo Sato-Lewe - Oakland CA -
Kirsten Hagen - Tiburon CA
Lillian Wu - San Mateo CA
Liz Brozell - Napa CA
Lucie Langlois - San Francisco CA
Lynn Rubenzer - San Francisco CA -
Malcolm McVickar - Corte Madera CA
Mary Ann Nardo -
Michael-Che Swisher - Albany CA -
Nancy Ballard - San Francisco CA -
Pamela Ross - Corte Madera CA
Pat Doherty - Corte Madera CA -
Rab Terry - San Francisco CA -
Silvana Wong - Tiburon CA
Sona Holman -San Rafael CA -
Susan Saunders - San Rafael CA -
Vicki Bolen - Albuquerque NM -

Tiburon Artist's for 2008: Jewelry

The Tiburon Art Festival artists for 2008 have been selected.
Alexis Burger - Oakland CA -
Angela Romeo - Berkeley CA
Carol Roberts - Sausalito CA
Famous Melissa - Ross CA
Glenn Dizon - San Rafael CA -
Jane Mack - Fairfax CA -
Katharine Whittaker - Belvedere CA -
Krista Hammond - Santa Cruz CA-
Lisa Ronay - San Anselmo CA -
Martha England - Mill Valley CA -
Robyn Contini - Mill Valley CA

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2008 Artist's have been selected!

The Jury is in! The list of the 2008 Artist's in the Tiburon Art Festival is complete. See the list here (pdf file) or visit the website .